Draper 05732 Impact Screwdriver Bit Set (26 Piece)

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Draper 05732 Impact Screwdriver Bit Set (26 Piece)

Key Features

  • For use with Impact Drivers
  • Wide Range of Bits
  • Solid Storage Case

The Draper 05732 impact screwdriver bit set is an expert quality, 1/4" hex, 26 piece impact screwdriver bit set.

It is manufactured from S2 steel and correctly hardened and tempered with a phosphate finish.

The 05732 set is designed for use with impact drivers.

I comes supplied in a plastic case with soft grip detail.

Key Features of the Draper 05732

  • For use with impact drivers
  • Wide range of bits
  • Solid storage case

The Draper 05732 come supplied with:

1x 60mm Magnetic Bit Holder
1x 65mm 1/4" hex x 1/4" Sq. Dr. adaptor
2x Plain Slot 25mm screwdriver bits: 5, 6mm
2x Cross Slot 25mm screwdriver bits: No.1, No.2
2x TX Star 25mm screwdriver bits: T20, T25
1x Square 25mm screwdriver bits: S1
1x Plain Slot 50mm screwdriver bits: 6mm
2x Cross Slot 50mm screwdriver bits: No.1, No.2
3x PZ Type 50mm screwdriver bits: No.1, No.2, No.3
2x TX Star 50mm screwdriver bits: T20, T25
3x Square 50mm screwdriver bits: S2 (x2), S3
3x Cross Slot 75mm screwdriver bits: No.2 (x3)
2x PZ Type 55mm screwdriver bits: No.2 (x2)
3x Magnetic nut-drivers: 6, 8, 10mm

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