Hozelock 2332 Round Sprinkler Plus

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Hozelock 2332 Round Sprinkler Plus

Key Features

  • 314m² Coverage Area
  • Full Circular Motion
  • 5 Jets

The ultimate lawn sprinkler, waters circles and part circles up to 20m in diameter.

Key Benefits Include:

  • High performance spike sprinkler
  • Reach a maximum area coverage of 314m²
  • Rotating sprinkler that can water a full or part circle
  • Ultra even coverage due to water powered motor and 5 jets
  • The metal spike ensures quality and durability during use

Evencoverage , Specially designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure (1-10 bar).

Perfect for lawns and established plants, The sprinkler is mounted on a solid metal spike which gives stability when pushed into a lawn or a border.They feature an ultra reliable, water-powered motor that operates at all pressures.

Easily Adjustable , The sprinkler can water a full circle or a part of a circle, adjustment is easy, simply slide the red setting rings. There are 5 jets which gives a maximum area coverage of approx 314m²or 20m diameter.
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Watering Pattern

Circle, Part Circle

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