Tacwise 0854 Z1-140 Hand Stapler

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Tacwise 0854 Z1-140 Metal Staple Tacker

Key Features

  • Versatile & Durable
  • Compact Design
  • Staple Viewing Window

The Tacwise 0854 Staple Gun is a professional, versatile and durable tool for frequent stapling. It is capable of firing 6 - 8mm staples.

This small tacker is suitable for the pro-user taking the 140 (T50) staple normally only used in larger tools. This compact tool is perfect for tasks such as plastic sheeting where an 8mm staple is long enough.

It will fits in your pocket but also has a belt hook.

Key Features of the Tacwise 0854

  • Uses Type 140 Staples 6-8mm
  • Lock down handle
  • Staple viewing window
  • Easy loading
  • Belt hook
  • Tough polymer lightweight body

Technical Specifications of the Tacwise 0854

Dimensions: H 95 x W 160 x D 27mm.

Weight (kg): 0.26.

Magazine Capacity: 83.

Staples Type/Length: 140/6-8mm.

Firing from wall: 5mm.

The Tacwise 0854 comes supplied with:

  • 200x type 140 staples.

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