What Fuel Type?

Lawnmowers are available in three main fuel types, petrol, electric and battery. Electric is ideal for smaller gardens, they are lightweight and easy to use but do have to have a power cable plugged in. Petrol lawnmowers are heavier duty and can run for longer periods of time so are ideal for lawns up to 1800 sq m. Batter lawnmowers have all the advantages of electric lawnmowers but without the cables. Battery technology is now at a place where these are now a viable alternative to petrol.

What Size Do I Need?

For gardens up to 800 sq m we would recommend a lawnmower around 42cm or 16”. For gardens up to 1400 sq m we would recommend a lawnmower around 46cm or 18”. For gardens up to 1800 sq m we would recommend a lawnmower around 51cm or 20”.

What Drives It?

There are two main drive types of lawnmower, power drive or push. Power drive is operated by a lever or handle and the lawnmower drives itself and push means you have to push the lawnmower yourself. Some power drive lawnmowers have variable speed and some have single speed. Look out in the product description for this information.

What is mulching?
Mulching is when the grass is held in the deck and chopped up finely and fed back into the grass where it rapidly decomposes and provides nutrition to the lawn. Mulching is brilliant in the right conditions but it is recommended if your mulching you cut the grass 3 times a fortnight or you can risk unsightly lumps of wet grass
The Battery Lawnmower Says “Body Only”. What Does This Mean
Body only or Tool Only refers to the machine coming without a battery and charger. This is because most brands of machines use the same battery for their whole range. This means you could have a full range of garden tools all powered by the one battery and charger. This cuts down on the purchasing cost for the range. Look out for our “Body Only” icon to indicate this.




What Will My Petrol Lawnmower Need To Get Going.

Your petrol lawnmower will require engine oil. This will be sent with it but will need to be added to the engine before first use. Please consult the instruction manual for how to add it and how much. You will also need to have fresh patrol available.


When your lawnmower arrives it may require some light assembly. Please consult the instruction manual provided. If you have purchased a petrol lawnmower it will need to have oil added to the engine (this will be provided) and fresh petrol added to the fuel tank.


If you have any further questions about making a purchase please email us: customerservice@dwtoolshop.com


When looking at battery powered machines you may see the term “Body Only”, this can also be tool only or carcass only, and wonder what it means. This refers to the fact that this item comes without a battery and charger, so you will need to get these to make it work. Look for the below icon to indicate body only tools: -

Why would this be a good thing?

The reason tools are available as a body only is that each brand of tools uses its own battery fitment. For example if you buy a battery strimmer with a battery and charger and you then would like to add a hedge trimmer you could buy the same brand of hedge trimmer as a body only and use the same battery and charger. This works out more cost effective as you can have multiple tools without having to have a separate battery and charger for each one.