Ride On Lawnmower Buying Guide

Ride On Lawnmower Buying Guide


We're experts when it comes to Garden Machinery. So we want give you the tools to make working in the Garden easy!

Checkout our Buying Gude from DW Tool Shop which includes our top tips on the things to consider and know when making your next Lawnmower purchase with us!

The first thing to consider is what size of lawnmower you will need. As a guide we split lawn size into three categories: medium, large and extra large.

Medium is an area of up to 2500 sq m, or 0.6 acres, and for this we recommend a lawnmower around 65cm or 25" cutting width.

Large is an area of up to 6000 sq m, or 1.4 acres, and for this we recommend a lawnmower around 92cm or 36" cutting width.

Extra large is an area of up to 10,000 sq m, or 2.4 acres, and for this we recommend a lawnmower around 125cm or 50" cutting width.

When choosing your size you will also need to take into consideration any features like garden gates that you may need to fit through.

Mulching function

While some lawnmowers are dedicated to mulching it is generally a secondary feature on most.

Mulching is a feature that cuts the grass into fine pieces and blows it back into the lawn to rot down, which means you don’t have to deal with a grass box and dispose of the clippings.

Benefits associated with mulching are a healthier lawn due to getting fed from the clippings. Also it saves time because you don't have to stop to empty the grass box. Downsides are more regular cutting, preferably twice a week, and ideally not when wet and not long grass.

Hydrostatic Transmission

You may hear the term hydrostatic transmission and wonder what it means. Ride on lawnmowers come with two main types of gearbox, manual and hydrostatic.

Manual lawnmowers will have up to 6 set gears which you will select before moving off. Hydrostatic works differently. With this your speed and direction will be controlled by a hydrostatic lever which can either be a hand operated lever or a foot pedal. The futher forward it is pushed the faster the lawnmower will go. This makes it very easy to control and adjust your speed.

Direction of the lawnmower can be controlled just as easily using the same lever or pedal.

Optional Extras

A ride on lawn mower is a large investment so it is important that you get as much value from it as you can.

Most lawnmowers have a universal shaped tow hitch on the back (either as standard or as an option) which can be used to tow all kinds of attachments like small trailers, fertiliser spreaders, sweepers etc.

We keep a large range of accessories so get in touch or call in to see what you can use.

Tractor Style Lawnmower

The most common type of ride on lawnmower is the tractor style mower. This has the engine at the front with a central seating position and the cutting deck between the front and rear wheels.

Zero Turn Lawnmower

A zero turn lawnmower is an exceptionally maneuverable machine. They are usually controlled by two independant levers that move forward and backward to control each rear wheel separately. Front wheels tend to be on dwivels to allw the mower to turn sharply.

Zero turn lawnmower usually wouldn't collect grass and will generally side eject or mulch.

These tend to be larger and more heavy duty mowers aimed at extra large garden or heavy users.

Front Deck Lawnmower

Front deck lawnmowers are generally rear wheel steer or articulated steer.

On these lawnmowers the engine will be at the back and the cutting deck will be in front of the front wheels.

These will generally be mulch only with no collection system.

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some people enjoy the exercise of using a walk behind mower for 2 acres. For the rest of us they can make life a lot easier.

This comes down to a few factors, mainly the size of your garden, cost and manoeuvrability. Our size guide above can help you decide.

Mulching is when the grass is chopped up finely and fed back into the ground where it rapidly decomposes and provides nutrition to the lawn. Mulching is brilliant in the right conditions but it is recommended if you are mulching that you would cut at least 3 times in a 2 week period or ideally twice a week or you can risk unsightly lumps of grass.

To get the most value out of your lawnmower it can be paired up with a range of accessories from trailers to scarifiers, lawn rakes and fertiliser sowers.

They are like a car, generally very reliable if looked after. Our most common problems would include flat batteries after 5 months of inactivity, dead petrol after the same, flat wheels and the odd broken belt. Solutions the this include starting your machine once every 3 weeks and let it run for a bit or put a trickle charger on during the cold winter months. Belts will only break if overloaded, be sensible for example if the grass is 6 inches tall after the winter cut it at a high setting and then go over it again at a lower setting. Even small things such as switching the blades on before dropping them into grass can prolong the life of your belts.

Yes we offer several options that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

We have been supplying garden machinery since the late 1970's so we know our lawnmowers. We are family run and always try to be open, honest and fair to deal with. We have both service and parts departments onsite to offer back up when needed.

  • If I Order A Ride On Lawnmower Can It Be Delivered To Me?

Yes, we deliver to the whole of Northern & Southern Ireland. We do not deliver to the UK Mainland etc currently.

  • Will I Be Able To Get It Off The Van/Lorry?

Yes, it will be delivered on a vehicle which it can be wheeled off and set down for you.

  • Will I Have To Assemble It?

No, we will assemble the mower for you before shipping it.

  • What Do I Need To Do To Get It Going?

We will have it fully assembled and PDI'd so it will have been run, set and tested. However, we will have to remove the fuel for shipping so all you will have to do to get going is add fuel.

If you have any further questions about making a purchase please email us: customerservice@dwtoolshop.com