Walk Behind Lawnmower Buying Guide

Walk Behind Lawnmower Buying Guide


We're experts when it comes to Garden Machinery. So we want give you the tools to make working in the Garden easy!
Checkout our Buying Gude from DW Tool Shop which includes our top tips on the things to consider and know when making your next Lawnmower purchase with us!

What Fuel Type?

Lawnmowers are available in three main fuel types, petrol, electric and battery.

  • Electric is ideal for smaller gardens, they are lightweight and easy to use but do have to have a power cable plugged in.
  • Petrol lawnmowers are heavier duty and can run for longer periods of time so are ideal for lawns up to 1800 sq m.
  • Battery lawnmowers have all the advantages of electric lawnmowers but without the cables. Battery technology is now at a place where these are now a viable alternative to petrol.

For gardens up to 800 sq m we would recommend a lawnmower around 42cm or 16”.

Gardens up to 1400 sq m we would recommend a lawnmower around 46cm or 18”.

Gardens up to 1800 sq m we would recommend a lawnmower around 51cm or 20”.

Walk Behind Lawnmower features:

Electric Start - On a petrol lawnmower, the traditional and most common method of starting the engine is through the recoil start. This involves pulling a rope to start the engine.

Electric start is a feature which starts the engine at the push of a button or turn of a key instead (similar to starting a car), and takes all the effort out of the starting procedure.

Blade Brake Clutch - It's a legal requirement for the blades on a lawn mower to stop when the user releases the handles. If you are using a petrol mower that needs to be started by pulling a recoil starter cord, having to start the mower multiple times during each use is something you might want to avoid.

For this reason, some petrol lawn mowers are fitted with a feature called Blade Brake Clutch. When a user releases the handles, the BBC disengages the blades from the engine, which stops the blades from turning whilst allowing the engine to keep running.

When the user is ready to continue mowing, the BBC re-engages the blade with the engine and the blade begins to spin again.

Walk Behind Lawnmower features to look for:

Rear Roller - If you're interested in creating stripes on your lawn, you're going to need a rear roller. The roller usually sits at the rear of the mower.

As the roller moves over the lawn, the grass is flattened in the direction of the mower's travel. Grass that's flattened in opposite directions appear a different shade of green, which creates the striping effect.

Another benefit of a rear roller is the ability to cut closer to lawn edges and bordering flower beds. The support from the rear roller allows the mower to hang over the edge of the lawn without tipping, preventing the risk of scalping.

Self-Propelled - Push mowers rely on the user to push the mower around the lawn, whereas self-propelled mowers use the power of the engine or motor to propel the mower forwards.

Self-propelled mowers come in single speed and variable speed options. Customers with larger lawns often prefer a self-propelled lawn mower as it takes a lot of the strain out of mowing. Look out in the product description for this information.

Further Considerations:

Battery Powered Lawnmowers

When looking at battery powered machines you may see the term “Body Only”, this can also be tool only or carcass only, and wonder what it means. This refers to the fact that this item comes without a battery and charger, so you will need to get these to make it work.

Why would this be a good thing? The reason tools are available as a body only is that each brand of tools uses its own battery fitment. For example if you buy a battery strimmer with a battery and charger and you then would like to add a hedge trimmer you could buy the same brand of hedge trimmer as a body only and use the same battery and charger. This works out more cost effective as you can have multiple tools without having to have a separate battery and charger for each one.

When your lawnmower arrives it may require some light assembly. Please consult the instruction manual provided. If you have purchased a petrol lawnmower it will need to have oil added to the engine (this will be provided) and fresh petrol added to the fuel tank.

Your petrol lawnmower will require engine oil. This will be sent with it but will need to be added to the engine before first use. Please consult the instruction manual for how to add it and how much. You will also need to have fresh petrol available.

Mulching is when the grass is held in the deck and chopped up finely and fed back into the grass where it rapidly decomposes and provides nutrition to the lawn. Mulching is brilliant in the right conditions but it is recommended if your mulching you cut the grass at least 3 times in a 2 week period or ideally twice a week or you can risk unsightly lumps of wet grass.

Yes we offer a range of accessories from trailers to scarifiers, lawn rakes and fertiliser sowers.

Yes we offer several options that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

We have been supplying garden machinery since the late 1970's so we know our lawnmowers. We are family run and always try to be open, honest and fair to deal with.

If you have any further questions about making a purchase please email us: customerservice@dwtoolshop.com